Ligustrum Lucidum Tree Shrub Herb (Glossy Privet)

Ligustrum Lucidum (Glossy Privet)


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Description of Ligustrum Lucidum

Ligustrum Lucidum a ornamental shrub or small tree, commonly known as Chinese or Glossy Privet, is a member of the olive family and has been widely used in Chinese medicine for well over a thousand years. Native to eastern asia, Malaysia and, of course, China, it is now cultivated in the united states predominantly an as ornamental shrub or small tree. It has invasive qualities, however, and is of some concern in certain areas.

Traditionally it is known as one of the Chinese longevity tonics, nourishing the 'yin' and used to supplement the kidneys and liver energy. It is also used to treat tinnitus and hearing loss, to clear vision in the case of blurriness and cataracts; to relieve rheumatic and back pains, reduce heart palpitations and mitigate insomnia.

Increasingly western research is starting to support some of the ethnomedical claims, revealing some very effective biochemical components. Studies have indeed shown that components of Ligustrum Lucidum have a powerful effect on respiratory and flu viruses. They also increase blood flow to the heart, reduce palpitations and spasmodic effects and support immune functions especially in tumor patients.

Key uses of Ligustrum Lucidum

  • Effective against several flu and cold viruses
  • Immune Support
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Clinical Applications of Ligustrum Lucidum

    Anti-bacterial and anti-viral: in vitro studies have shown Ligustrum Lucidum to exert a powerful suppression of Type A& B flu viruses as well as Respiratory Syncytial Virus. It is also reported to be effective against herpes virus, mononucleosis, hepititus virus, rotovirus, bovine rhinovirus, canine parvovirus, and feline leukaemia.

    Immune support: : Indications are that Ligustrum Lucidum increases certain white blood cells and their defense activities, especially in the case of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

    Cardiovascular: Research confirms increases in cardio blood flow as well as a reduction of blood lipids and platelet build up. In addition, studies show an anti-spasmodic and anti-palpitation action in the heart.

    Anti-oxidant: Preliminary studies indicate that the Oleanic acid exerts an influence that protects red blood cells from free radicals.

    Anti-inflammatory: Ligustrin (Oleanic acid) has shown significant anti-inflammatory action.

    How  Ligustrum Lucidum Works

    Ligustrum Lucidum contains several active components that have demonstrated an expansive effect on the body. Six Secoiridoid Glucosides were found in vitro to have potency against Influenza A and B, parainfluenza 1,2,and 3, and RVC (respiratory syncytial virus). Oleuropein was particularly potent, out performing current prescriptions in vitro. Other research has shown similar efficacy against other bacterias and viruses.

    It has also been shown to exert potency in the cardiovascular system, increasing cardio blood supply and inhibiting the clumping off platelets in the blood. It also reduces the lipoproteins associated with heart disease and protects red blood cells from free radical damage.

    The immune support functions of Ligustrum Lucidum not only increase phagocytes and lymphokine-activated killer (LAK) cells, they also exhibit an anti-tumor effect by reversing the immune suppressing aspects associated with tumors and to mitigate.bone marrow loss in cancer chemotherapy patients. There is also potential for the use of Ligustrum Lucidum in the treatment of AIDS.

    Ligustrum Lucidum Side Effects and Safety

    Ligustrum Lucidum has no know side effects and is considered safe even for long-term use.

    Precautions of Ligustrum Lucidum

    Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, should consult with your physician before taking any medication, including herbs.

    Recommended Dosage of Ligustrum Lucidum

    Because herbs also contain active chemical substances which can and will interact with others, no herb or drug should be taken without first consulting with one's physician.

    Powdered, encapsulated berries, 1-3 teaspoons (5-15 grams) per day, are sometimes recommended. A similar amount of berries can be made into tea by adding 1/2-1 teaspoon (2-5 grams) of powdered or crushed berries to 1 cup (250 ml) of boiling water and steeping for ten to fifteen minutes. Alternatively, 3/4-1 teaspoon (3-5 ml) of tincture three times per day can be taken.

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